A downloadable game for Windows

This is a top down shooter based game. The hole concept is to survive the hords of zombies. How long will you survive? Well theres only one way to find out...

W A S D = Move around
W S/Up Down arrow = Move in menu
Enter = Select option in menu
Left Click = Shoot/Place item
Q = Cycle through inventory

Sound Effects used:
nonoo - Cocking 20070728
tschapajew - pain scream hard 3
stephensaldanha - pistol gun shot designed
rdholder - 2dogsound reload1 3 s 2013jan31 cc by 30 us
dpiggiolo - ammo pick up
mshahen - steady late night rain
jorickhoofd metal hit short
dingo1 - downdark metal electronic loop
mastersdisaster - switch on livingroom
aiwha - explosion
inspectorj - smashing wooden fence c
j1987 - put item


ZSv0.6.2.zip 15 MB

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